Welcome to Surrey EVs

This is the new website for the Surrey Electric Vehicle Club. More links and content coming soon. Links above to the Twitter & Facebook feeds. Please feel free to add a post telling us about yourself and your EV if you have one already.

0 thoughts on “Welcome to Surrey EVs

  • Hi

    My name is Alan Jones I own a Nissan Leaf in Woodmansterne but cannot have a home charger.

    Have a look at my new facebook page can’t charge your car in Surrey

    Anyone else having problems with the local authority , Surrey County council or Raven housing regarding installation of kerbside chargers, seems they all support EVF’s but can find loads of reasons not to insytall the infrastructure !

  • They really donโ€™t have much enthusiasm for EV charging infrastructure in Surrey CC, certainly not much in Tandridge. Are you coming to 30/6/19 Guildford meet-up, maybe can think through some ideas?

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